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I have always felt the desire to write, and have written some pieces in the past - though didn’t even attempt to get them published!

During the last two long haul holidays I had, (Vietnam in 2003 / 4 and Latin America in 2004 / 5) I wrote very detailed diaries, not just about where I went and what I saw, but about the people I met, memories they evoked and so on. I have also written one about my week in Gambia in 2012.

However, I needed a kick start for serious writing so in April 2012 I went on an Arvon Foundation creative writing course - which was fantastic! About 15 miles from Inverness in the middle of nowhere, it was the perfect place to get your brain in gear to write. This coupled with excellent tutors (Kapka Kassabova and Zoe Strachan)and a great group of lovely friendly, inspiring, budding writers ... it was the perfect start. A year later I did another course specifically on travel writing with tutors Chris Stewart and Mairi Hedderwick, which was equally excellent. Now - I just have to write!

I have a few books in mind to write  in addition to my travel books- some of which have already been started.

The Most Toxic Man on earth    (A thriller about a controlling psychological wife beater.  The plan is for this book to make

                                                        “Sleeping with the Enemy” read like a fairy tale!)

Trolls Unicorns and God             (An affectionate story of an atheist allergic to children, working for a Christian international aid

                                                         charity that focuses on saving the lives of children in the worlds worst places)

My Big Red Shoes                         (This may be a book or a series of short stores, however it’s all about the different experiences I

                                                          have as I work my way through the bucket list)

Tinker Tales                                  (Doggie tales told through the eyes of Tinker, my youngest dog)